Austin, Texas has a lot going for it. From its world-famous live music scene to its ever-expanding list of dining and drinking options, it really has something for everybody— and that includes you and your friends.

Without further ado, here are five reasons you should consider the wonderful city of Austin for your next group getaway.


Nature Is Everywhere

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Austin is a massive city— and it’s still growing. Despite the city’s rapid development, however, it’s managed to hang on to almost all of its natural beauty.

The city is intersected by the stunning Colorado River—which can be explored from the shore, or from the water by kayak or paddle board. It’s also home to a number of hike-friendly parks and picturesque vistas, such as the sprawling Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park, Emma Long Metropolitan Park, Zilker Park, Barton Creek Wilderness Park, and Mount Bonnell.

Oh, and it’s also home to one of the largest bat populations in the world. Trust us, that’s worth checking out, too.


It’s “The Live Music Capital Of The World”

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They call Austin “The Live Music Capital of the World”—and for good reason. The city is jam-packed with amazing music venues, and many of them have great historic and cultural significance.

In addition to its many live music venues, Austin’s annual calendar also features a number of amazing festivals. The most notable of the bunch is the famed “Austin City Limits” festival, which will make a triumphant return later this year, after a brief, pandemic-related hiatus in 2020.


The Food Is Unbeatable

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Ok, this isn’t exactly a secret, but Austin is home to some of the best food in the world. Seriously— in the whole world. It has unbeatable barbecue, from sizzling brisket to simple hamburgers. It has mouth-watering Mexican cuisine, from tacos to churros. It has everything else you’d expect from a city of its size, from Japanese to Italian to Vietnamese restaurants.

It’s also packed with amazing bars of all descriptions. Just be careful with the “Purple Rita”—arguably the city’s most famous (and most dangerous) cocktail.


It Has an Amazing History

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Austin has a fascinating history, from the days when it was occupied exclusively by the Tonkawa and Comanche peoples to more recent decades. Much of that history can be observed at local attractions like the Bullock Texas State History Museum and Austin History Center— though a simple walk down the street can also turn into a history lesson itself.


It’s a Sports Fan’s Paradise

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Austin only has one major sports team in Austin FC, and they only took to the field in 2021. That being said, the city has long been a hub for world-class sporting action, thanks in large part to the University of Texas and its massively popular Longhorns football team.

Visit during football season, and it can feel like the entire city is wearing the team’s trademark burnt-orange colors. Attend a game — which is now possible, thanks to the region’s reduced COVID-related restrictions — and you won’t see another color inside the stadium. It’s an experience any sports fan will love.

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