For the past couple of years, COVID-19 has been a large concern for the general public, changing work and school conditions and putting a stop to travel. With the ease of restrictions, travel has taken precedence once again, especially as the peak travel season approaches. However, the worries surrounding the pandemic have taken the back seat as rising gas and airfare costs have become the primary concern for travelers. 

The American Travel Sentiment Study revealed that one-third of people feel that gas prices will heavily dictate their travel plans and one-quarter said the same for airfare prices. However, when it comes to COVID-19, only 19% of travelers considered it to be a deciding factor in their plans. 

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Nonetheless, the desire to travel is stronger than ever. Based on the study, over 90 percent of the survey respondents have travel plans lined up within the next six months. Although the increase in gas and plane ticket prices does not influence individuals’ willingness to travel, it changes their behaviors. The study shared that people are more likely to choose nearer destinations, as well as minimize costs on entertainment, retail, and food. 

Coming out of this pandemic, people are evidently keen on taking advantage of the resurgence of traveling, despite the rise in gas and airfare prices. Whether you are taking a journey close to home or across the world, COVID-19 is sure to be a concern of the past. 

For the full American Travel Sentiment Study, visit:

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