People say how you start the year can affect your entire year. However accurate that opinion is, many travel to different places to celebrate the new year.

Some travel to where they can engage in high-energy activities, while others enjoy quiet walks on a beach or in the mountains. Most, of course, prefer to celebrate with their friends and family.

You could go anywhere in the world to kick off the next chapter of your life. Why not take some inspiration from these seven amazing destinations? No matter your preference, you’ll be sure to find a place to spend your New Year’s Eve and Day.

New York City, United States

Where better to start than New York City, the city that never sleeps? Celebrity music, tons of late-night parties, and millions of spectators on the streets will only make you enjoy what the city has to offer more. 

Stay for a day or two to explore the city’s energy, or head straight to the heart of Times Square to watch the countdown and welcome the new year with your friends.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Fireworks above Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve. Photo: Sunnybeach/iStock

The Scottish capital is a beautiful place to spend New Year’s. 

The city has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment— everything from lively parties to quiet walks on The Meadows.  

The fireworks show is put on by Edinburgh Castle each year and will entertain you. To celebrate like a true Scot, check out the eventful Hogmanay Celebration, a festival to celebrate the New Year that lasts three days. 

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Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower surrounded by fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Photo: Gilnature/iStock

Paris is one city that can cater to almost everyone’s taste. You can enjoy a romantic dinner cruise, watch fireworks at the Arc de Triomphe, or head to a party in one of the city’s nightclubs. Many Parisians party or dine to celebrate the new year, and restaurants tend to have special menus for the occasion.

The Eiffel Tower will light up for the celebration, so don’t miss that view!

London, England 

Fireworks above Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve. Photo: extravagantni/iStock

London is one of the top destinations that sees a lot of tourists throughout the year, and New Year’s is no exception. 

Crowds will flock to Oxford Street and Primrose Hill to watch fireworks shows and spend time with their loved ones. Trafalgar Square will be another popular spot to watch fireworks and enjoy London’s charming atmosphere. 

You’ll have a great time watching the fireworks show while hearing Big Ben’s iconic twelve chimes as the clock hits midnight.

San Jose, United States

San Jose, Silicon Valley view at dusk. Photo: StellaMC/iStock.

Taking the family on a trip for the new year? Head to San Jose! The Californian city has a ton of activities to keep families entertained. 

Alum Rock Park gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature with your family — especially the young kids.

Santa Fe, United States 

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Peter Rowan performing outdoors on the historic Santa Fe Plaza. Photo: JannHuizenga/iStock.

Santa Fe is an incredible city with an authentic Spanish influence and a distinctive local culture. The Plaza is a beautiful place to spend time with your family on New Year’s Eve, especially since everyone dresses up for the occasion. 

You can see live performances by local artists throughout the evening and dance the night away while waiting for the midnight firework show. 

Ottawa, Canada

Fireworks at Parliament Hill in Ottawa on New Year’s Eve. Photo: Karen Hogan/iStock

Canada’s capital offers an exciting New Year’s celebration. 

Get a taste of the Hogmanay Celebration’s Canadian form — a lovely twist on the annual Scottish festival.

The Alight at Night festival will take place in Upper Canada Village, 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa. Enjoy nearly one million twinkling lights in the 1860s heritage village until 9:00 pm on New Year’s Eve, and then catch the fireworks display!

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