Back in the summer of 2019, Universal Orlando unveiled plans for a brand new Orlando theme park: Universal’s Epic Universe. Construction of this park was ultimately paused by the pandemic, but in March of 2021, building crews finally got back to work.

“Our vision for Epic Universe is historic,” Universal Parks & Resorts CEO Tom Williams said not long after construction resumed. “It will build on everything we have done and become the most immersive and innovative theme park we have ever created. It is an investment in our business, our industry, our team members and our community.”

It remains to be seen what exactly Universal’s Epic Universe will entail — although the leading theories forecast Nintendo and Harry Potter-themed attractions.

Whatever the case, it’s sounding more and more like it’s going to be worth a visit.

Speaking to recently, Universal Parks & Resorts VP Fernando Flores shed some light on what visitors can expect from this new Orlando theme park.

“We are super excited that the work has resumed at Universal Orlando Resort’s Epic Universe theme park,” Flores said. “The construction of Universal’s Epic Universe will create an entirely new level of theme park entertainment that will feature a new theme park, an entertainment center, hotels, shops, restaurants, and more.

“Plus, this project will infuse billions of dollars into the Florida economy and will create more than 14,000 permanent jobs in addition to the thousands of jobs that will be created during its development,” Flores added. “So, stay tuned because this will be epic!”

At this stage, the opening date of Universal’s Epic Universe is still shrouded in mystery. However, all signs point the finished product being pretty epic.

Will you be visiting with your family or friends?

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