United Airlines has implemented an updated uniform policy to promote inclusivity among its flight attendants.

United officials implemented this outfitting overhaul to promote greater expressive freedom and allow employees to “feel welcome to be their authentic selves at work and celebrate their individuality, while also serving as ambassadors for our global United brand,” per CNN.

The changes to United’s uniform policy, which will take effect on September 15, are manifold. Flight attendants of all genders will now be allowed to wear nail polish and “natural-looking makeup,” and have long hair. They will also be allowed to show tattoos, provided the tattoos are no larger than an employee’s work badge.

“Our modernized appearance guidelines promote a supportive, encouraging, and positive environment for our employees and customers alike,” a United official told CNN in a prepared statement.

These updated uniform rules seem to have been well received, garnering applause from the Association of Flight Attendants.

“This policy change will make work more inclusive for every Flight Attendant to be themselves and focus 100 percent on our job as aviation’s first responders,” Ken Diaz, the president of United Airlines’ branch of the AFA, told CNN in a statement.

United reportedly plans on implementing new uniform policy changes for other employees, including pilots, before the year is out. The airline claims to have been “evaluating every aspect of our uniform and appearance standards to align with our brand values of seeking opportunities for inclusivity.”

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