All the excitement of once again traveling has sadly been met with numerous flight delays and cancellations across the board.

While adults might be bored by the long waits, it is even more complicated when you have young passengers with you with short attention spans.

Unfortunately, we can’t make the wait go any faster but we can provide some ideas to help the time go by.


Games, games, and more games. If you have time to prep before heading to the airport, pick up some easy-to-pack games. Even the dollar store has cheap ones that easily fit into carry-on luggage or check online for more of a selection. If you are out of time to buy games, pack a deck of cards, a long piece of yarn/string for Cat’s Cradle, or see the next idea for pen and paper games.

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Notebook And Pen

A simple pen and paper can go a far way. Adding onto the game suggestion, you could use it for tic tac toe. Bring some crayons to color pictures or play your own version of pictionary. Rip out the sheets and learn origami or make a paper airplane (at least that one will actually take off).

Take A Walk

If you are in a larger airport, you can walk around and get those steps in. Make it a bit more fun for kids by having them find the gates of other places or like a scavenger hunt where they have to find certain items to check off a list.

Play Areas

Thankfully, most airports have caught on to how frustrating it can be to get your kids to sit still. While a play area might not be in your section, ask an employee where to find one. It might be a bit of a walk but time is on your side.


Perhaps a bit of a controversial choice but desperate times come to desperate measures. Make sure you download movies and shows ahead of time just in case access to WiFi is spotty. Other solid choices are books and games that don’t require an internet connection. Bonus- this will also come in handy once you actually get on that plane.


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