There are a lot of exclusive restaurants in New York City, but BOHEMIAN New York, a Japanese restaurant and bar, might just take the cake.

This ultra-private restaurant, which has sister establishments in Japan, Brazil, Scotland, and other locations, is housed in the former home of legendary artist Andy Warhol and Neo-expressionist trailblazer Jean-Michel Basquiat. Sound like the kind of place you’d like to wine and dine? Well, it’s not as simple as walking through the front doors or even calling ahead and making a reservation.

Here’s what you need to know about BOHEMIAN New York and how you can get yourself a table.

What is BOHEMIAN New York?

BOHEMIAN New York identifies itself as a Japanese restaurant and bar, and perhaps more notably, “a secret base for 21st century bohemians.”

The most important thing to note about this restaurant, though, is that you can only get a table if you’re invited by an existing patron. Here’s how the restaurant’s website explains it:

“Our place is not open to the public, and new guests must be introduced by existing patrons.”

How to Get a Table at BOHEMIAN New York

As we covered above, the main method of getting a table at BOHEMIAN New York comes down to being invited by an existing patron.

While the prospect of finding an existing patron and wowing them enough to earn an invite seems like a daunting task, we’ve got some good news: According to the restaurant’s website, you can also gain entry by emailing the owners and making your case.

“We ask that [interested people] please first send us a full personal introduction of themselves,” the website explains. “We would love to know more about you. The interpretation of ‘full’ is up to you! Then we reply with our secret phone number for reservations. Alternatively, you may obtain our phone number from a registered guest who has dined with us before. We only handle reservations over the phone, so please do not send requests for reservations via the website. Our books are usually fully booked around 2 to 3 weeks out, so please refrain from making last-minute inquiries.”

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