Los Angeles is one of the biggest and most popular cities in the world. Sometimes, you want to get off the beaten path and explore some of the lesser-known tourist spots. This is a complete list of the best attractions and restaurants that will take you all over and around LA.

1. Mosaic Tile House, Venice

The Mosaic Tile House fits right into the lively district of Venice. But if one thing’s for sure, it’s that this vibrant attraction does anything but blend in. This quirky 1940s house is covered inside and out in colored tiles and mosaics making for a jaw-dropping view. Together, the unique and beautiful tiles create an immersive experience that will truly leave you at a loss for words.

2. Venice Canals, Venice

Built in 1906, the Italian-inspired Venice Canals are a great, lesser-known spot in the city. There are sidewalks and bridges for pedestrians to freely stroll and appreciate the landscape. Take a walk and admire the palm trees, picturesque houses, and scenic water. 

3. The Sunken City, San Pedro

What was once a pleasant beachfront, is now an eccentric attraction known for its graffiti. About a 40-minute drive south of downtown Los Angeles is San Pedro, the location of the Sunken City. After a landslide swept the area, the site was fittingly given the name Sunken City. Today, you can explore this beachside landscape and the street art it has to offer.

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4. Korean Friendship Bell, San Pedro

The Korean Friendship Bell is a cultural landmark in San Pedro. This 17-ton cast bronze bell is surrounded by a beautiful stone pavilion and presented as a gift from the South Korean government to the U.S. Both were installed in 1976 and later declared a monument in 1978. Visit the landmark and marvel at this ornate and beautiful structure.

5. Bronson Canyon/Caves, Griffith Park

In the southwest area of Griffith Park is Bronson Canyon/Caves, a man-made rock quarry. The caves have been used as a filming location for a number of movies and tv shows, mainly science fiction, as well as some music videos. Visit the park to explore these mysterious caves and to search for familiar film spots!

6. Old Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Park

It’s not every day that you get to explore an empty zoo. This attraction, previously called the Griffith Park Zoo, opened in 1912. It later closed in 1966 upon the opening of the new Los Angeles Zoo. There are also plenty of picnic spaces and nearby hiking trails. This eerie abandoned park is a go-to destination for the city.

7. Ballast Point Brewing, Long Beach

Ballast Point Brewing is a bit over an hour’s drive south of downtown Los Angeles. The branch’s location in Long Beach is what takes this establishment to the next level. The restaurant is positioned at the edge of a peninsula and has outdoor patio seating overlooking the water. You can enjoy their finely-crafted beers with a side of a gorgeous view.

8. Cafe On 27, Topanga

Have you ever wanted to sit in a treehouse in the sky? Head over to Cafe On 27 and you won’t have to wonder what it would be like anymore. Not only do they serve delicious meals and drinks, but also beautiful scenery to accompany it. You can find them in the Topanga Canyon, about a one-hour drive out from the center of LA.


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