Hawaii is ready to get back to normal.

On Friday, governor David Ige announced that, provided vaccination rates continue to rise and infection rates continue to fall, he will begin removing all pandemic-related restrictions across the Hawaiian islands—a welcome development for a region that has endured some of the strictest rules in the country.

Ige’s plan will commence on June 15, according to the Hawaiian Tribune-Herald, when travelers will no longer be required to submit to COVID-19 tests or provide proof of vaccination for inter-island travel.

At present, 52% of Hawaiians are fully vaccinated. As that rate continues to climb, Ige will further reduce restrictions in the state.

When the vaccination rate hits 60%, the Safe Travels program will accept vaccination cards from anywhere in the continental United States, allowing American travelers to visit without any need for testing or vaccination. Then, when the vaccination rate reaches 70%, all remaining restrictions will be removed, and the Safe Travelers program will be decommissioned.

Suffice it to say that the Hawaiian vacation you’ve been dreaming of is just around the corner—just be sure to research the latest developments in the state before you take off.

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