Visitors to Las Vegas will soon have the opportunity to soar over the region’s most famous attractions—without actually leaving the ground.

That’s all thanks to FlyOver, an Arizona-based company that will set up shop at Showcase Mall on Las Vegas Boulevard in the fall.

FlyOver is equal parts thrill ride and VR experience, using high-definition screens to give visitors the sensation of being airborne from the safety of the ground. According to the company’s vice president, Lisa Adams, the experience is akin to riding on the back of a bird.

“The spherical screens are 52 feet high and they even go underneath you. Guests sit on one of two ride levels in a ride vehicle seat, put on a seatbelt, and it rolls out so you are suspended over and inside the screen,” Adams told Las Vegas Weekly. “No matter where you look, it’s up, down, all around you, so it really does feel like you’re flying. And it’s pretty smooth. I tell people to imagine you’re on the wings of a bird, not like you’re on a roller coaster.”

While FlyOver will take guests over the Las Vegas Strip, that’s certainly not all they’ll experience. They can also expect flyovers of Lake Tahoe, The Hoover Dam, and even The Grand Canyon.

“One of our key goals is being authentic to place and understanding the diversity that’s in the area,” Adams explained. “It would be a disservice to the region if it didn’t showcase so much more than what’s on your doorstep. It’s all about being more than just a ride, unlocking your mind and showing you what’s out there.”

“Las Vegas is the center of entertainment and we’re very confident it’s going to get back there,” she says. “When we look for places, we think, is it iconic, is it inspiring, is it unforgettable, and is the region diverse? Vegas checks all those boxes and we’re really excited to be able to launch here.”

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