There’s something special about seeing a location on the big screen and then visiting it in real life. Here are eight film sets around the world that you can visit and live out your film buff dreams.

Australia House, London

London is the place to be for “Harry Potter” fans. There are many filming locations across the city, including King’s Cross Station and Leadenhall Market (which served as the location for Diagon Alley). One lesser-known filming location that you can visit is Australia House. This grand building was used as the set for the interior shots of Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Rocky Mountains, Calgary

Although Brokeback Mountain was set in Wyoming and Texas, it was actually filmed in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta.

The various peaks seen in the film include such landmarks as Windtower and Three Sisters, near Canmore, Moose Mountain to the east, and Fortress to the south.

Place Royale, Quebec City

Do you recall the scene in “Catch Me If You Can” in which Abnagale is arrested? It takes place in France but was actually filmed in Quebec City in Place Royale, a historic neighborhood. Place Royale was chosen for this scene because it resembles Europe. The scene also features the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church.

Zocalo, Mexico City

The opening scene of “James Bond: Spectre” is one that moviegoers won’t soon forget. It takes place on the Day of the Dead in Mexico City’s Zócalo, a grand square in the downtown zone.

As the scene continues, Bond follows a woman into an ornate elevator and chamber. This is the Gran Hotel Ciudad de México, just to the southwest of the Zócalo.

Zócalo, Mexico City. Photo: bpperry/iStock

The Pantheon, Rome

In “Angels & Demons”, Professor Langdon goes on a hunt to track down clues left by Bernini. His hunt begins in the Pantheon in Rome.

This building is an engineering marvel, being the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world.

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Fountaine des Fleuves, Paris

In “The Devil Wears Prada”, Andy is understandably excited to visit Paris. The city is beautiful and known for its fashion which is what Andy and Miranda are there for. Andy is stunned by the dazzling Eiffel Tower and the lights of the city.

One memorable scene occurs when Andy has a turning point and throws her phone into the Fountaine des Fleuves.

The Acropolis, Athens

Nia Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” starred in a 2009 movie called “My Life in Ruins”. In the film, her character, Georgia, leads a group of tourists through Greece. You can spot many historical sites in the film, including the Acropolis.

Acropolis of Athens. Photo: Hert Niks/Pexels

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

“The Fault in Our Stars” takes its two main characters, Gus and Hazel, to Amsterdam. There, they visit the Anne Frank House and Hazel struggles to get up the stairs. Fans will remember that it was at this location where the two shared their first kiss.

There are other locations in Amsterdam that were featured in the movie, including the American Hotel, which served as the set of Hotel de Filosoof.

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