The best way to get to know someone is by sharing a meal with them. And the same applies to cities! Because of how diverse Vancouver is, trying different restaurants and cuisines is a great way to meet new people and get a better feel of the city’s environment. Here is a list of six amazing restaurants you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Maenam

Cuisine: Thai

Price Range: $$$

Maenam serves quality, authentic Thai cuisine but with a slight variation. They take centuries-old recipes and modernize them, giving a fresh and unique take on familiar dishes. Not to mention their creative menu with everything from family-style dining to their variations on Thai street food. Here, you’ll get inspired flavors with fresh ingredients and locally sourced products.

2. Giardino

Cuisine: Italian

Price Range: $$$$

Giardino takes you on a journey throughout Italy, without ever having to leave one spot! Their Tuscan-inspired menu will cure your Italian cravings, using the bold and rich flavors that the region is known for. The moment you step inside, the high-vaulted ceilings, Tuscan tiles, and Florence-style courtyard will take you right into the world of Italy.

3. Phnom Penh

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Price Range: $$

This next restaurant is truly the heart and soul of Chinatown. Phnom Penh has grown to be a popular eatery for locals and tourists alike and they have the long lines to prove it. They serve quality Vietnamese food with all of the flavors essential to the cuisine. Although you’ll have to wait for a table, you’ll be rewarded with a delicious meal and pleasant company.

4. Ophelia

Cuisine: Mexican

Price Range: $$$

For an elevated approach to beloved Mexican dishes, Ophelia is the place to be. Paying homage to his mother, whom the restaurant is named after, and his home country, Chef Francisco has created a truly beautiful environment. The weekend brunch menu, cocktails, and of course Mexican cuisine, are all wrapped up into a homey restaurant you won’t want to miss!

5. Tocador

Cuisine: Latin

Price Range: $$

Three words: chic, vibrant, and flavorful. That’s the best way to describe Tocador. They took the vibrancy of Latin America and used that as fuel to inspire the restaurants’ creations. Here, they serve a modern take on Latin cuisine with an emphasis on using fresh and seasonal ingredients.  

6. Au Comptoir

Cuisine: French

Price Range: $$

Au Comptoir is a charming bistro serving classic French cuisine. With their breakfast, weekend brunch, and dinner menus, they strive to provide an enjoyable experience at any point in the day. The restaurant provides an approachable environment for you to immerse yourself in French culture!

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