California is a vast collection of picture-perfect moments from the palm tree-lined beaches in the south to the Redwoods in the North. San Franciso is no exception with the many views over the bay and historic streets.

Check out these 10 places you will want to check out when heading to the foggy city.

1. Marshall’s Beach, Off Batteries To Bluffs Trail

Head away from downtown to Marshall’s Beach to the sandy shores to catch that perfect shot with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Head to the free parking lot at the Golden Gate Overlook and walk down the hiking trail to the beach. Wear good shoes as it is steep and takes around 20 minutes.

2. Battery Spencer

While heading to Marshall’s Beach, find the parking lot on Conzelman’s Road and walk 20 minutes to the view point. This is the most popular spot for people to see the bridge and is almost always packed.

3. Conservatory Of Flowers, Golden Gate Park

Nothing says Instagram perfect like a tropical greenhouse. The Conservatory of Flowers is like stepping into another world with the lush landscape and water features.

4. Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park

Hidden in the Golden Gate Park is the Japanese Tea Garden. Cherry blossoms bloom from March to April while the pagoda and koi ponds are a draw year round.

5. Palace Of Fine Arts, Marina District

This Greco-Roman palace next to a pond was built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. The breathtaking buildings make it look like you have traveled back in time.

6. The Painted Ladies, Steiner Street

Apart from the Golden Gate Bridge, the Painted Ladies are San Francisco’s most recognizable attraction. The Victorian homes have a park running in front with the city skyline in the background. Head at golden hour and the houses really come alive.

7. Lombard Street

The “curviest street in the world” is a must see. Over 2 million visitors head to the street a year and you are sure to recognize it from countless films and shows.

8. Twin Peaks

The best view in San Francisco had to make the list. The view offers 360 degree views of the city. Just remember this city is known for fog and could obstruct your view.

9. Chinatown

This district is ready for Instagram. Each corner has something you will want to capture from the lanterns on Grant Ave to the Dragon’s Gate on the corner of Grant Ave and Bush St.

10. Everyday Houses

The Painted Ladies are the most famous houses in San Fran but the entire city is full of brightly colored homes in numerous architectural styles. Just wander the streets and be prepared to get the shot!

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