Looking for places in the Alamo City to snap some pics for the gram? Look no further than this list of San Antonio’s top ten places for pics.


1. Wonder Chamber 

Perfect for photoshoots, music videos, or any creative venture, the Wonder Chamber combines state-of-the-art technology and physical props to create an immersive space that will match any creative’s needs. Fool around with their interactive lighting, laser video projection, and even their massive sound system to get the best vibe for your latest ’gram pic.


2. Japanese Tea Garden 

This expansive attraction features all the wondrous nature San Antonio has to offer. Whether you’re photographing the koi ponds, posing by the waterfalls, or showing off your fit on a stone bridge, your feed is sure to be filled with stunning photos.


3. Viva Fiesta Mural

“Let’s fiesta!” declares this vibrant mural painted by street art duo Los Otros Murals. Located on the St. Mary’s strip, this incredible piece of art features colorful flowers and portraits of San Antonio residents. Show your San Antonio pride by snapping a picture here! 


4. San Antonio Botanical Garden

This serene attraction boasts 41-acres of greenery, including but not limited to an extensive walking trail, a Japanese Garden gifted by sister city Kumamoto, climate-specific greenhouses, and a large collection of flora. There are a variety of photo opportunities here, and every single one will make your page greener!


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5. Rosita’s Bridge 

Live out your Bridgerton dreams on this ivy-covered bridge arching above the San Antonio River. Named after singer Rosita Fernández and conceptualized as the connection between cultures, this footbridge is full of both history and beauty. 


6. Hopscotch 

Step off the streets of San Antonio and into this immersive art gallery. Installations currently include rainbow caves, laser graffiti, forced perspective works, and inventive neon signage. With rotating exhibits by local and international artists, you’re sure to love these eclectic pieces— and so will your followers!


7. Alas de México 

The Alas de México, in English known as the Wings of Mexico, are a stunning bronze set of, you guessed it, wings. The San Antonio sculpture, an international symbol of freedom and liberty, is one of many around the globe. Take a picture with these angel wings and match other Instagrammers in countries such as Japan, Israel, Singapore, and Costa Rica. 


8. The Grotto

This gorgeous grotto along the San Antonio River is a stunning immersive art piece by artist Carlos Cortés. Complete with waterfalls and hidden caves, this massive structure is one you can’t miss out on seeing! While it’s pretty in the daytime, stop by and snap a photo at night when dim, warm lights illuminate the carefully carved rocks. 

9. World’s Largest Cowboy Boots 

Pose for a photo by these massive boots stationed at North Star Mall. At 35 feet tall and 33 feet wide, these funky boots are a San Antonio staple and a great attraction to feature in your Instagram feed.


10. Comanche Lookout Park 

Whether you’re bringing a packed picnic or planning to just stroll around the grounds, this expansive park is sure to delight you. Pose for photos in the 96 acres of greenery or take some candids while walking along one of the stunning trails. It’s an amazing spot to view or photograph the sunset too! 

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