Welcome to Chicago, where the deep-dish pizza is warm, the wind is howling, and there’s a photo opportunity every corner you turn. For the most iconic and most stunning documentation of your trip on social media, check out this list of Chicago’s most Instagram-worthy spots.

1. “Drip It Like It’s Dot” Mural, Fulton Market

Located in an alley behind Nonna’s Pizza & Sandwiches, this rainbow mural will make a lively addition to your social media page. Center yourself in the middle of this vibrant dot made out of smaller dots, and strike a pose! The artwork, done by Joe Miller, is sure to compliment whatever outfit you’re wearing and whatever vibe you’re going for. 


2. Cloud Gate, Millennium Park

This classic Chicago sculpture, better known as The Bean, is a must-visit while you’re in the Windy City. This massive, reflective art piece is perfect for taking a “mirror” selfie, or you can pose by it as it shows you a distorted view of the city! Either way, it’s a necessity to prove you went to Chicago. 


3. SkyDeck At The Willis Tower, The Loop

412 meters (1353 feet) up the Willis Tower, all-glass boxes protrude from the sides of the building, offering visitors a thrilling glimpse at Chicago from above— and, if you look far enough, you may be able to see four states! Pose with the city beneath you, behind you, and all around you. 


4. Maison Marcel, Lake View East

Get a taste of France on your lips and your Instagram feed at Maison Marcel. This authentic French cafe is charming and bohemian, with gorgeous wooden chairs, white brick walls, and plants hanging from the ceiling. There’s outdoor seating too, with classy marble tables and beautiful pink flowers that will give your Instagram a truly Parisian feel.


5. 2D Restaurant, Lake View East

If you heard of a “hand-drawn restaurant,” you’d probably think of a physical drawing of a restaurant. 2D Restaurant is hand-drawn, and it’s actually a physical drawing that is a restaurant. The entire restaurant is monochrome, transporting you into a comic book during your time there, and it’s a great spot to grab some photos as a 3D person in a 2D world!


6. Cindy’s Rooftop, The Loop

For another sky-high view over the city of Chicago, check out Cindy’s Rooftop. Located on top of the Athletic Association Hotel, this stunning restaurant overlooks Millenium Park, Lake Michigan, and more. Come for the Instagram photo of you cheersing a bright cocktail with the sweeping view of Chicago behind you. Stay for the delicious food and the upscale dining experience. 


7. Bridge At Lower Michigan Avenue, Streeterville

Take a walk along this stone bridge over the Chicago River, located on Lower Michigan Avenue. On your stroll, you’ll find the perfect Instagram photo set up: the rippling blue-green river stretching into the distance, accompanied by the Chicago skyline. Not only is it visually stunning, but there’s no better way to show off the Windy City. 


8. Peoples Gas Education Pavilion At The Lincoln Park Zoo, Lincoln Park

During your trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo (because what kind of tourist doesn’t go to this famous and free zoo?), make sure you stop by the Peoples Gas Education Pavilion. While the name isn’t exactly cool, this honeycomb-like structure is. Arching over a pathway, it naturally frames the city’s skyline— but it could frame you, striking a pose and flashing your brightest smile. 


9. Butterfly Mural, Avondale

This beautiful mural by James Jankowiak features a series of colorful butterflies over wavy parallel lines emanating from the center, which displays the biggest butterfly of all. Similarly, your beautiful Instagram post by you will feature this vibrant mural behind you as you pose in your cutest outfit. Do you see the vision? 


10. Venteux Chicago Cafe, The Loop

This gorgeous cafe matches perfectly with a cottagecore/spring/“that girl” aesthetic. The walls are covered in detailed murals of plants with sage green accents, a color that also features in the velvet seating and even the tinted windows. Sip on a sparkling espresso at the marble bar and take some “candids,” or pose with the plants at one of their outdoor tables. No matter your choice, your Instagram feed will be getting a healthy dose of greens.

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