You’ve got to do something pretty special to stand out in Las Vegas. The city is jam-packed with all manner of attractions, leaving new additions with the daunting challenge of setting themselves apart from the crowd.

AREA15 has conquered that challenge.

AREA15 is an experiential retail and events space located roughly a mile from the famous Las Vegas strip. It was originally slated to open in December 2019, but thanks to the constraints of the pandemic, didn’t officially open its doors until late 2020.

What will you find under its roof? That’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer concisely. AREA15 features a wide range of attractions that, in combination, make it very much worth a visit.

Here’s the crash course for your crash landing in this mind-melting Las Vegas attraction.


AREA15 is an art-lover’s dream. The space features a 360-degree virtual Vincent Van Gogh exhibit, an immersive sound and light show, a carnival funhouse-inspired psychedelic art exhibit, and a collection of former Burning Man sculptures. And if you fall in love with one of the pieces you see, you’re in luck: many of them are for sale.


If you’ve got a competitive streak, you’ll enjoy AREA15. The space includes indoor axe-throwing, virtual golf, and a neon-soaked bar with some amazing arcade games.

Food And Drink

It’s easy to spend quite a while at AREA15. If you’re plotting a longer visit, you’ll likely need to refuel at some point. Luckily, the space features a number of interesting dining and drinking options—including an opportunity to drink cocktails in a “twinkling digital forest.”


You can shop at AREA15 too—or, as the space’s official website puts it “buy cool s**t.” Check out the AREA15 bazaar to buy unique sunglasses, shot glasses, and everything in between.


AREA15 is also an events space. Its calendar is getting increasingly crowded with interesting shows and performances, many of which are actually kicking off this month.


Even beyond its games, shops, dining options, and events, AREA15 has plenty of other attractions to offer—several of which don’t fit neatly into the aforementioned categories. Our recommendations? The venue’s high-flying flight simulator and Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart — a mind-bending superstore that seems like it was teleported from another dimension.

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