Travel has come a long way since the days of early flights, travel agents, and dressing up as you board the plane. Now that technology is at our fingers tips a whole new world awaits with the help of apps to make travel seamless.

These are eight apps you’ll want to download as you plan out your next vacay.

1. Flightrader24

Not only is seeing the number of flights happening across the globe a fun feature, Flightrader24 has a more beneficial side. The detailed info on your flight will get you ahead of cancellations, gate changes, and more. Never run late for a flight again!

2. Google Maps

Take the mystery out of figuring out the best route around your foreign city with Google Maps. You can see different transportation methods, save the places you want to go and a custom map will help you track the best way to see all the hot spots.

3. Google Translate

The people at Google know what they’re doing. Google Translate is possibly one the most worthy while apps while in another country. Need something from the store but don’t speak the language? Write it out and translate into the right language. Can’t read the menu? The camera option will translate the words right on the screen. Or take a photo and highlight the area you need to understand!

4. Launchtrip

Okay, we might be partial as this is our app but Launchtrip has you set as you book your next trip. Search by city or event, see the hotels nearest your location and book what is right for you. You can easily split payments with your friends on the app, restaurant reservations are made easy, and many more features you will be glad you have.

5. PackPoint

Packing is rarely fun and even harder when you have never been to the city before. PackPoint checks your forecast, takes into account what activities you are doing, if you have laundry access, and more.

6. Flush Toilet Finder

Anyone who has traveled with kids knows that when they need to go, they need to go. Flush Toliet Finder will help you find the nearest washroom, even when you don’t have internet. If you have time on your side, the app even rates the washrooms so you can pick which one is best. Disabled access and restrooms that charge a fee are noted.

7. WiFi Map

WiFi can be a struggle when you are in a foreign country. Luckily WiFi Map shows you the nearest hotspots and passwords. So you don’t need to deal with roaming, you can download the app before traveling.

8. Timeshifter

Jetlag is one of the worst parts of flying. Taking your sleep patterns, flight plan, and more into account, Timeshifter will make a custom plan for you to help get over jetlag as fast as possible so you can have more time exploring and less time downing coffee.


Disclaimer: Launchtrip is part of the same company as Launchtrip Magazine. We have no relation to the other apps listed. 
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