Las Vegas is a popular enough city that most people have at least a basic understanding of what it’s like. Everyone knows it’s a gambler’s paradise. Everyone knows that it’s “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” Everyone knows that what happens there stays there.

That being said, there are several nuances to Las Vegas that first, second, and even third-time visitors might not be aware of. Here are a few things you should know before boarding a plane to Sin City.

It’s Worth Waiting Until You’re 21

It may be tempting to visit Las Vegas before you’ve reached the legal drinking age of 21—particularly if you’re coming from a place where the drinking age is lower, such as Canada—but we encourage you to hold off until you’re of age locally.

Despite local efforts to make Las Vegas a little more family-friendly, it’s still very much an adult city. There are even curfews in place in some areas of the city that forbid underage people from wandering the streets.

Furthermore, any experience you have in Las Vegas before 21 will pale in comparison to those you have in the city once you’re legal. Once you hit the 21-year mark, the city will open up like a flower in bloom—a neon flower that oozes liquor instead of pollen.

Check With Your Hotel Before You Hit the Clubs

Wander out of any Las Vegas hotel blindfolded, and there’s a good chance you’ll eventually stumble into a nightclub. They’re everywhere.

That being said, not all clubs are created equal.

The good news is that many Las Vegas hotels have partnerships with local clubs. So, if you’re struggling to decide where to go, it’s worth calling down to the front desk or visiting the concierge on your way out. They’ll have plenty of information on the best nearby spots, and they might even be able to offer you some discounts.

Bring Some Warm Clothes

Las Vegas is in the middle of the Mojave desert, so it’d be fair to assume it’s a pretty warm city.
Yet that’s not always the case. Depending on the time of your visit, Las Vegas can get pretty chilly. In fact, temperatures can even hit the freezing mark in the winter months.

Based on that, it’s worth wedging a few sweaters and jackets into your suitcase. That might mean you don’t have as much space for souvenirs, but like we covered at the top of this article, what happens to Las Vegas is supposed to stay there. You don’t really need to bring anything home—the memories will be more than enough.

Don’t Be Afraid to Venture Off the Strip

The Strip is the home of Las Vegas’ most famous attractions, but make no mistake: the city has plenty to offer outside that area.

Venture off the strip and you’ll find offbeat attractions like The Neon Boneyard, a unique theme park that lets you operate heavy construction machinery, and lots more.

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